Endeavor Egypt Selects Timeline’s Ahmed Metwally and Mostafa Hafez as High Impact Entrepreneurs in 2010

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Endeavor Egypt Selects Timeline’s Ahmed Metwally and Mostafa Hafez as High Impact Entrepreneurs in 2010

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Endeavor Egypt Selects Timeline’s Ahmed Metwally and Mostafa Hafez as High Impact Entrepreneurs in

April 2010, Cairo- Egypt- Endeavor Egypt, a non-profit NGO supporting high-impact entrepreneurs in

emerging global markets, announced that Ahmed Metwally, CEO of Timeline Interactive, and its

Cofounder and Technical Director, Mostafa Hafez, were selected as Egypt’s high-impact entrepreneurs

at Endeavor’s March’s International Selection Panel. “Timeline raised a few eyebrows among the

Panelists”, said Ahmed Ezzat, Endeavor Egypt Managing Director. “These young engineers working out

of a Cairo suburb managed to present a worldwide blockbuster million-dollar video game. Timeline is

proof that Egyptian entrepreneurs can compete globally.”

The panel was held from March 10th– 12th at Cairo Fairmont Nile Towers, and the reviewing panelists

included Time Warner Music’s CEO Edgar Bronfman, Hikma Pharmauceutical’s Ali al-Husry, and

Orascom Telecom’s Chairman Naguib Sawaris and CEO Khaled Bichara, among others. This was

Endeavor Global’s 33rdInternational Selection Panel, but the first for Egypt’s relatively new Endeavor


“We are honored to be selected” said Ahmed Metwally, Timeline Interactive CEO “Fostering

entrepreneurship nurtures a healthy middle class, which is the engine of a solid economy” he continued.

Entrepreneurs are put through a rigorous selection process and for some, an elimination process, before

they are selected to go through Endeavor’s International Selection Panels. Entrepreneurs’, and their

companies, are selected and judged on their ingenuity, their proven capacity to scale, and their ability to

inspire entrepreneurs globally and locally.

Founded in 2005 by Mostafa Hafez, who started developing games at the young age of 14, Timeline

Interactive became the first Middle Eastern company to design and produce a mass distributed video

gameworld-wide. With experience as a developer, consultant, and CTO at a variety of start-ups, Ahmed

Metwally brought a new level of business savvy and industry perspective when he joined Timeline in

Timeline is the first and only video game studio in the Middle East certified by Microsoft and Sony to

develop games for Xbox360 and Play Station 3. CellFactor, Timeline’s first feature product, sold over

100,000 downloads in 2009. Ahmed and Mostafa believe that among many other credits, Timeline’s

past successes and geographic location make it uniquely positioned to grow with the market.

About Timeline Interactive

Privately held and financially backed by the Technology Development Fund and EFG-Hermes, Timeline

Interactive is a first-rate game development company that focuses on the design and development of

high quality cross-platform games. Based in Cairo Egypt, the company was established in 2005.

For more information on Timeline Interactive, please visit


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