Ahmed Metwally Selected to Receive Forty Under 40 Award 2010

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Ahmed Metwally Selected to Receive Forty Under 40 Award 2010

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Ahmed Metwally Selected to Receive Forty Under 40 Award 2010

May 10th2010 – Ottawa, Canada –The Ottawa Business Journal, one of Canada’s premier regional

business publications, announced that Ahmed Metwally, ConnectmeTV CEO, was selected to be

awarded the Forty Under 40 Award in Ottawa, Canada. The award ceremony will take place on June

24th. Metwally was selected out of 120 strong nominees to receive the award for 2010

“It is a great honor to be selected for the Top Forty Under 40 award.” said Ahmed Metwally, who is

currently celebrating two major achievements this month, OBJ’s Top Forty Under 40 award, and the

release of his new company’s first line of products dubbed, ConnectmeTV’s Lyngbox. “OBJ’s award is a

great recognition of our efforts in developing local business and contributing back to the community” he


Each year, the Ottawa Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 Awards recognizes business people under the

age of 40 who balance bottom line results with a desire to participate in charitable and community

activities. The nominees are evaluated using three criteria: career accomplishments, professional

expertise and community and charitable involvement. Ahmed Metwally, Co-Founder and Chief

Executive Officer of ConnectmeTV, has over 15 years of experience in system development and sales for

large federal governments and Fortune 500 firms. His experience and ventures span both the

technological & entrepreneurial world

OBJ publisher Michael Curran, who chairs the judging panel notes, “in spite of a challenging business

environment, we believe this year was a record number of nominations that represent all major

economic sectors in Ottawa. I think that speaks to the quality of business talent in this city.” Mr. Curran

noted how seriously the assessment of nominations is taken, with judges logging over 100 hours

reviewing and ranking submissions

About ConnectmeTV

ConnectmeTV delivers a media hub that acts as a multi-functional entertainment gateway that you can

use from the comfort of your living room. Privately held and founded in 2006, ConnectmeTV is

financially backed by the Technology Development Fund and EFG Hermes. The company provides a

unique and complete entertainment experience by combining the functionalities of a satellite receiver,

the media center capabilities of a PC and the interactivity of the internet in one easy to use set-top box.

Users can view upcoming TV programs, schedule future show recordings, pause and rewind live TV

broadcasts, and play downloaded media from both their home network and the internet. For families,

ConnectmeTV’s advanced parental control features allow parents to filter unwanted media even when

they are not at home.

ConnectmeTV has offices in Egypt and Canada and employs professionals from around the globe.

For more information on ConnectmeTV, please visit

For more information on the Forty Under 40 Awards, please visit


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