Ciapple is going to present its regional winning business plan company

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Ciapple is going to present its regional winning business plan company

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Ciapple , which is a winner of 2 regional innovation business plan competitions in 2009, is going to participate in the the investing in technology forum this year. We help companies to identify, maintain, and get use of their profitable customers . Our business decision support software analyze the collected data about the customers and segment them according to their consuming trend to discover some necessary knowledge to the business management and allow them to take better decisions.

We are specialized in developing Marketing Intelligence data mining solutions. Ciapple’s products enable your company to analyze and utilize available data and information about your customers in order to make better business decisions accordingly. This allows marketing management to develop strategies for customer retention, pricing, marketing, risk management, resources optimization for profitable customers, up-selling and cross-selling. The software uses knowledge-extraction and artificial intelligence technologies to categorize customers into a number of groups (segments) and measure the accuracy of this customer segmentation. For example, if you identify the risky segment of high rate of customers who leave your company to your competitors, you can design some customer retention procedures for this segment that has been segmented according to all available data about the customers. In the same way, if a telecom company wants to sell a new service like “Internet-over-mobile”, the expert software helps the company to only target the customers who are most likely to want this service and are most likely to consume it in the most profitable way for the company

Our main competitive advantages are: Adaptability to new customers and their dynamic changes without needing time for re-segmenting the whole database; Ease of installation as a standalone application without the need for a special infrastructure, or as a plug-in with any existing Business Intelligence database systems; A unique feature which is the ability to measure customers’ accuracy of segmentation and pre-compare available segmentation scenarios. This helps our customers in designing the best campaigns and market business decisions. Our target clients are businesses with 10,000 – 10,000,000 customers and they employ database systems measuring the demographics and buying trends of their customers. These companies are mainly from the following industries: Telecom, Retailers, Banking, Insurance, Wholesales, Customer Goods, Airlines, Logistics, Call Centers, Online/e-commerce, Internet Service Providers, Marketing Research and Consulting Firms, Health, and Education.

Ciapple's legal name is Business Applications of Computational Intelligence Co. Ltd. For more information about us, you could kindly visit our website: www.Ci

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