Brief about Mixed Dimensions - MXD is the Business Project created by Muhannad Taslaq AND Bahaa Abu Nojaim

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Brief about Mixed Dimensions - MXD is the Business Project created by Muhannad Taslaq AND Bahaa Abu Nojaim

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Mixed Dimensions provides a new model in 3Dinteractive virtual reality applications that are targeted to the most activesectors in the economy such as Real estate, Education, Military and Trade. MixedDimensions also operates as a technology partner serving individuals andcompanies through a set of applications that are integrated with social medianetworks to ensure maximum exposure and accessibility.
Mixed Dimensions targets worldwide marketsthrough its online products and focus its solutions to serve MENA, GCC Regionand Europe but not limited to them.
MXD competitive advantages:
Built on IT and 3D intensive knowledge
Utilize the latest IT methods to develop fullinteractive on-line and off-line features
Use the latest games engines andtechniques
Utilize social media for products promotionand e-marketing
Use latest project managementmethodologies
Integrate game methodologies with businesssolutions
A group of entrepreneurs
Have the support and directions of highlyrespected government and NGO entities
MXD Solutions and Applicationsfeatures:
Small in size so it won’t consume time inloading
Quality of animations and rendering depends onthe customers needs and accessibility
Built on a powerful game engine(unity3d)
Used as a supporting arm for sales andmarketing plans
Low in cost (Financial Crisis taken intoconsideration)
24/7 customer support
In-house developed

Products and Services:
Interactive on-line 3D decorator for (Realestate, Hotels, Furniture houses and Architects)
MXD Virtual Hypermarket
MXD Virtual Mall – The First Virtual Mall onFacebook
Architectural Visualization, simulations and3D base applications
Online games and Fully 3D integrated onlineplatforms


We have identified potential competitors inthe world but with the unique approach and methodology that we have, MXD will bea key player in the field of interactive applications


Muhannad Taslaq – CEO
Bahaa Abu Nojaim – Solutions

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